Wednesday, October 11, 2006

PC much?

Someone's a bit over-sensitive.
After reading all of the other Dresden Files I had looked forward to this one. Up until the end I was not disapponted but then the comment by a character that Jews were responsible for Jesus's death really upset me. This statement although not anti-semetic in itself has been used as a justification for the last 2 millenia to kill and persecute. To put this remark in a 21st century novel is certainly quite provocative if not down right irresponsible. Literary licence aside this could have easily been avoided. I wonder why it wasn't?
"Statements that have been used as excuses for bad things are inherantly evil!!!111

If Harry Dresden were running around yelling that Jews are evil and that Jewish people smell funny, s/he'd have a case, but the reviewer even admits that the statement isn't actually anti-semetic. Leave Harry alone and go yell at your mum for telling her friend about what you said to your little sister. Some parents might beat their kids for that. Your mum is an irresponsible ho.

The book in question is Death Masks, by Jim Butcher. It features the best Thomas moment yet. I am such a Thomas fangirl. It's kind of sad. I'll post the quote when I find the book.


Anonymous leila said...

Thomas rules. He's totally crush-worthy.

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